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Myles Pizza Pub in Bowling Green is closing its doors after this weekend.  Owner Chip Myles informed the staff and media that this would be the final week of business on Monday morning.

Myles is retiring and selling the building after close to 40 years of operation.  Myles is keeping all the recipes.

I have been there many times and I love it.   My first time I asked for extra cheese and was asked if I wanted to die that night by my server, not knowing there was a ton of cheese on each pizza.

One other time was after a roadie to Detroit to watch the Tigers play we hit up Myles on the way home and called a friend who was in Lima, he made it to BG in 40 minutes to join us for dinner.  We also went one night for “Boys Night Out”  One of our friends ordered the bottle of Jack Daniels from behind the bar and had it gone in 36 minutes.

The place is iconic, the food incredible and the atmosphere, awesome.  Ill miss Myles.  Heres to hopefully making it up there this week…-Meat

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