July 29, 2013

I just have to get this off my chest.  In the Lima News “Best of the Region” feature, there are some great props to be given out.  Awesome things right here in West Central Ohio.   Anything from local ice cream and pizza, to jewelers, to swimming facilities, and anywhere in between.  There is just one point that I have to say, Lima, WTF!?!?!?!

There are a lot of incredible performers in our region.  We at the radio station have been involved with the Fischstix, Brother Believe Me, Polly Mae, The Indoor Fins, and Nashville Crush just to name a few.  These acts have tremendous followings, and put on one great show.  And I’m sure there are many other acts  that I am not listing that do incredible things in our area as well.

That is why it pains me to look at the Best of the Region’s “best musician/group”.  Is it one of these acts?  No.  Is it one that has roots in this region that I neglected to name? No!  Maybe it’s Rick Derringer from Celina.  Although he hasn’t had a hit in a while, he IS from our region and DID sing the Ohio State Anthem “Hang on Sloopy”.  Nope.  None of these.  West Central Ohio was asked who is the “best musician/group”, and do you know what they said.  None other than Taylor Freaking Swift!

Are you kidding me?  Not that I am a Taylor hater.  I appreciate her music, and I don’t mind looking at her either (I am a man for goodness sakes).  I even felt bad for her at the VMA’s a couple of years ago with the Kanye West incident. But you readers of the Lima News could only come up with “Taylor Swift” as the best in our region?  Excuse me, but isn’t that section where we salute the people in our area that work their butts off to give us a great product.   All of these great acts right in our region, and you pick Taylor Swift!

Since we’re going down that road, why didn’t you pick In and Out Burger as best burger?  After all, Lima people can go to Las Vegas and pick one up at their restaurant right on the strip?  Or maybe the best place for fishing should be the Atlantic Ocean?  You can get any number of delicious frozen seafood entrees caught there right in your local supermarket.  Even better yet, the best community festival could be Red White and Boom in Columbus?  After all you can drive there in 2 hours.   You had the sense to pick local in these categories.  What is different about music?

Next time, before slapping our local hard working musicians in the face, think about what you are doing.  That section is about “local” and only you can make it that way.  If I were the Lima News, I would just File 13 any ballot that marked Taylor Swift as best musician in our region.  If that’s all you can come up with, none of your other choices can have a coherent thought attached to it either.  Your opinion means nothing to me.


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