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Workforce Free Lunch 11/23/16

Phil & Billy from THAT Morning Show delivered the Workforce Free Lunch to Diane & Denny at North Central Ohio Solid Waste District today, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the cuisine from W.G. Grinders in Eastgate Plaza.Read More

Billy Autographs Eagle Banner

So, one of our loyal listeners wanted an Eagle banner.  He wanted it so much he took it from the front of the OT when we were set up for the Gallagher show.  He then, after sobering up, felt bad … Continue reading →Read More

Side Chick shows up at Guy's Wedding in Wedding Dress

A groom’s worst nightmare came true in Ghana when his secret lover crashed his wedding wearing the exact same dress as his bride. Before you even ask, the answer is “yes,” the wild scene was caught on video. The groom … Continue reading →Read More

Workforce Free Lunch 11/16/16

Congratulations to our Workforce Free Lunch winners this week from Northwest Enterprises Inc. in Lima! A’ndrea Monday & her co-workers thoroughly enjoyed W.G.Grinders as much as we enjoyed dining with them!! … Continue reading →Read More

Vet's Day Luncheon with Gallagher Lima, OH News Weather Sports … Continue reading →Read More

It's Not Rocket Science

Yes somewhere out there is someone who needs the instructions on top of their trash can in order to move it to the end of the driveway for pick-up. … Continue reading →Read More


Read More

Wet Nose Wednesday - Betrix

Betrix is 4 years old and when he arrived at the shelter he had no fur. His fur is still growing back in spots and he may never have that perfect coat. However, this canine is awesome. He’s friendly, great … Continue reading →Read More

Still Undecided?

With all the mudslinging at the debates, it is difficult to decipher where the candidates actually stand on the issues.  We thought we would help here on “That Morning Show”!Read More

Wet Nose Wednesday - Francesca!

Today we have a real black beauty. Her name is Francesca and she is a 3 year-old lab mix. Very playful and good with other dogs and cats. Francesca would be the perfect companion for any child or adult! This … Continue reading →Read More

Congratulations Bob Dylan!!! Winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature

   American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday, a stunning announcement that for the first time bestowed the prestigious award on a musician. The Swedish Academy cited Dylan for “having created new poetic expressions … Continue reading →Read More

Did Billy Go Nude Motorcycling in the Czech Republic?

We all know Billy is an exhibitionist and a motorcyclist!  Is this Billy Elvis ?  You Decide! Click Here … Continue reading →Read More

Hurricane Matthew CREEPY Image!

Hurricane Matthew likely won’t strike the US for another day — but after seeing its devastating impact on Haiti, many are not taking chances. They’ve raided stores for supplies, waited in seemingly endless gas station lines and evacuated their homes … Continue reading →Read More

Wet Nose Wednesday

Wow! We have a real-life doggie makeover today! Piper was one of the nearly 70 dogs and cats removed from the so-called rescue in Bluffton. Although you can only post the after photo, I am sharing what Piper looked like on … Continue reading →Read More

Leslie Fixes Phil's Back   … Continue reading →Read More

Guys - Keep Her From Stealing The Covers!

Introducing The Cover Clamp! … Continue reading →Read More

Cannabis-infused beer is now a real thing you can drink

There are hundreds of breweries in Colorado, but “Dad & Dudes” in Aurora is doing things a little differently. “They’re coming from around the world wanting to try cannabis-infused beer,” says Mason Hembree, the “Dude” of Dad & Dudes. Hembree … Continue reading →Read More

Peeper Creeper Not Funny

Home Depot pulled a Halloween decoration from its stores called the Scary Peeper Creeper. Why did they pull it? Because it’s scary … and creepy! Oh, and because they received complaints that it wasn’t just frightening … it looked like … Continue reading →Read More

Cinnamon Roll Can Explodes Inside Man’s Butt During Shoplifting Incident

All we have to say is wow! Click Here for the story. … Continue reading →Read More

Solve the dilemma of "Burger or Dog?" forever!

A guy in Australia has created a brilliant product called the Hamdog bun, which holds both a hot dog and a hamburger. Mark Murray ended up getting a patent here in the U.S. for the bun and is now selling … Continue reading →Read More

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