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Solve the dilemma of "Burger or Dog?" forever!

A guy in Australia has created a brilliant product called the Hamdog bun, which holds both a hot dog and a hamburger. Mark Murray ended up getting a patent here in the U.S. for the bun and is now selling … Continue reading →Read More

Wet Nose Wednesday - Olivia the Shi-Tzu!

Olivia (Shih Tzu) is one of the many seniors removed in the TLU Rescue case. She is more than a sweetheart. Having just one eye doesn’t stop this girl from being pure joy and love. She is quite up there in … Continue reading →Read More

Did it Taste Like Chicken???

Rosemary Thomas says she was eating at a Popeyes restaurant in New York City with her daughter, niece and sister when she noticed a deep-fried rat’s head in her daughter’s food. She took a photo of the disgusting discovery and … Continue reading →Read More


Your entertainment rhyme of the day:  “The Jolie-Pitts are calling it quits.”       … Continue reading →Read More

Well, Hells Bells!! AC/DC's Bassist is Bailing too!!!

And then there was one — AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams is quitting the band … leavingAngus Young in his knickers as the last man standing. 66-year-old Williams, who’s been playing bass since 1977, announced he’s tapping out from recording and … Continue reading →Read More

Brangelina is Over!

I guess Jennifer Anniston got the last laugh afterall!! … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Got Your Meat

This Wednesday starting at 4PM, Aaron “Meat” Matthews has got your meat. We’re gonna grill burgers outside the Eagle studios on the Square in Lima courtesy of Pusheta Creek Steaks. This is not any form of Bargain Bin Beef. This … Continue reading →Read More

ARRGHH! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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Forever 16 Going on 17.....

Charmian Carr,  who played Liesl Von Trapp in The Sound of Music has passed away.   She was 73.   … Continue reading →Read More

So they really ARE just reading it for the articles!

Playboy Magazine says newsstand sales have gone up 30% since they no longer do nudity.   … Continue reading →Read More

IOS 10 Released

Users of Apple products like the iPhone and iPad may have noticed that the latest Operating system (IOS 10) was released Tuesday. Some like my wife had it run automatically on their device. I ran it on my iPhone Tuesday … Continue reading →Read More

Mom Gets Pulled Over for Celebrating Back to School

Only in Canada it appears that you can celebrate the kids going back to school by smoking a joint with fellow moms.  a mom in the Province of British Columbia recently did so.  When she was pulled over for speeding … Continue reading →Read More

Clapton's "Reel" Big Fish Story

Eric Clapton is quite the angler!  While on vacation on Iceland’s Vatnsdalsna River he  broke a local record for  the season’s biggest salmon.  Took him nearly three hours to reel in a 28 pounder.  But dang it, he had to throw … Continue reading →Read More

Monday Night Football at it's BEST!!!

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Florida Thief Popped after Leaving Phone Behind

A Florida man is sitting in a cell because he lost his cell — at a bar he went to after burglarizing a nearby home. The manager of a joint called The Outpost found the phone during a routine late-night … Continue reading →Read More

Now that's real optimism!

MGM in Vegas says close to a thousand folks have placed a bet on the Browns winning the Super Bowl.  Most of the bets are coming in with the Browns a 175- to 200-to-1 shot to win.  Raking in $1,000 … Continue reading →Read More

Amish Party Busted

An amish party was busted over the weekend when 73 patrons were arrested included 35 juveniles.  The gathering was expecting thousands of amish to attend in Millersburg which is located in Holmes County. The Daily Record of Wooster reports that … Continue reading →Read More

Holla!!! Can you say CREEPER!!!!

If there was a mug shot Hall of Fame, Charles Easter’s arrest photo would be a shoo-in for a first-ballot inductee. The 38-year-old Florida man was arrested last week for disorderly conduct. He was visiting a friend in a hospital … Continue reading →Read More

Texas Tech Football goes WWE

If you know me, then you know I love some WWE. I also love watching Texas Tech play football, they are one of my favorite teams to watch when Ohio State isn’t playing. Well after their win Saturday, practice this … Continue reading →Read More

Apres-Labor Day Rules

Did you remember to put your white shoes away after Labor Day?  If your shoes look like this, please don’t take them out again. … Continue reading →Read More

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