A while ago, the fun-loving designers at Lego came up with a cool idea: what if you could make a BMW motorcycle that could fly? The Bavarian engineers enjoyed that little nugget of an idea…and they ran with it. The next think you know, BMW has a life-sized concept of it built-up.

The Lego kit in-question is the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure bike. The guys at Lego like to make 2-in-1 kits with their products, so they made an alternate version, called the Hover Ride. That’s where BMW’s farm team of young designers, called the BMW Junior Company, stepped into the picture.

The full-sized model of the Hover Ride Design Concept made its grand debut at Lego World in Copenhagen. It will also travel throughout Europe, to places like the BMW Group Innovation and Research Center Munich and the BWM Museum. To be clear, it doesn’t fly…yet…but it’s a safe bet that they’re working diligently on that tech. At this point, the closest we’ll get to see it in the States is at our local Lego store.

Source: Maxim

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