You Betcha

D’oh! A bookmaker in Costa Rica has had to stop taking wagers on a prop bet they put up concerning the Big Game’s coin toss.  It concerned whether the team making the call this year would choose heads or tails. Well, it Continue reading →Read More

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Time to celebrate New Year’s all over again.  Saturday began the Year of the Rooster.   Folks born under this sign (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981) supposedly  honest, energetic, intelligent, flexible and confident.Read More

David Bowie Stamp of Approval

Royal Mail (Britian’s Postal Service) announced a set of 10 stamps featuring the late David Bowie.  Six of them are of album covers.    Read More

We Just Lost Another TV Mom

“Laura Petrie” has passed away. Mary Tyler Moore was 80.Read More

Vince Neil Gets "Terminated."

Not watching “Celebrity Apprentice,” but have been kinda reading up on it to follow how Motley Crue’s Vince Neil was doing.  He got the ax by Arnold Schwarzenegger  last night apparently, but not before raising some cash for an Ohio charity. Continue reading →Read More

Golden Razzie Awards Nominees Announced

This year’s nominations for the Razzie Awards have been announced. Here’s the list of Worst Picture nominees. Did you have the misfortune of seeing any of them? “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Dirty Grandpa,” “Gods of Egypt,” “Hillary’s America: Continue reading →Read More


Janis Joplin would have been 74 today. Member of that tragic “27 Club” along with Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones.Read More

Lady Titans Ranked #1!

How ’bout those Lady Titans?! The Ottawa Glandorf Titans are ranked at the top of the AP’s Division II Girls Basketball media poll. Way to go! Continue reading →Read More

Birthday Girl

Betty White is 95 today!Read More


Now, here’s some fancy maneuvering! Watch this FedEX driver use a controlled slide to get his disabled rig down to the shoulder area on an iced-up mountain road in California. More impressively, he was pulling TWO trailers! More

Friday the 13th Bargains

If you’re thrifty and not superstitious, Friday the 13th can apparently net ya some great deals! It’s one of the cheapest days to fly, and one of the cheapest days to get married. Would you do either of those?Read More

Sasha Obama apparently takes school very seriously.

President Obama gave his farewell speech last night and daughter Sasha was notably absent. Where was she? At home studying for a test.  If the excuse “My Dad is giving his final speech as President tonight, can I have a Continue reading →Read More

Iman's Tribute to Her Late Husband David Bowie

2016 was a rough year for classic rock, with one of the first losses being David Bowie. Today’s the one year anniversary of his death and his widow Iman posted this tribute to Instagram.       Continue reading →Read More

Two Hour Max

The City of Lima hired a new Parking Attendant.  Make sure to watch the clock when you park downtown!  As an aside, a guy tried this pickup line on me once:  “Are you a parking ticket? Cuz you got fine Continue reading →Read More

Get PAID to vacation at the Virgin Islands? I'm in!

The Virgin Islands is celebrating  the 100 years since Denmark sold the  Islands to the U.S. with a $300 present to you. Their Department of Tourism will give you  a $300 spending credit if you stay at least three nights on  St. Thomas, Continue reading →Read More

Doors Debut Album Turns 50!

The Doors debut album turns 50 this year. Did you know “Light My Fire” was the first song Robby Krieger ever wrote? Click here for more things you might not have known about the band and the album. Highly recommend Continue reading →Read More

Now that was a serious jolt!

Joseph Schwab of Fairfield, California just had charges dropped after initially being socked with a DUI. Cops pulled him over for erratic driving. Turns out the only thing the blood sample proved was caffeine ingestion.Read More

Two Year Old Twin Rescues Brother

It’s all fun and games til you knock the dresser over on yourself.  Watch these lil guys having fun til danger ensues. Twin saves his brother at about the 1:50 mark. Pretty smart for being only two. Continue reading →Read More

Time for Your Office Christmas Party

Tis the season for that treacherous test of office politics…The Office Holiday Party. What’s your company party like? Formal? Laid-back? Something you wanna go to, or something you feel you have to??Read More

John Lennon's Glasses Guard

Aleeda Rodriguez Pedrasa of Havanna has quite the job. She’s the spectacle saver for the statue in John Lennon Park. John’s glasses kept getting stolen so the government pays her 245 pesos a month to hang on to them, then Continue reading →Read More

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