It's grilling season, and nothing tastes better on the grill than Johnsonville Brats! Tune in to THAT Morning Show all week April 3rd - 7th from 6a-10a for your chance to win packages of your favorite flavor of Johnsonville Brat. "How Well Do You Know Your Johnson?" is the game to play for a chance to WIN! At various times throughout THAT Morning Show, you will be given clues about a famous person named Johnson. The first caller at 419-331-1049 will WIN!!
Monday's question was...Who was the Johnson that played the Professor on Gilligan's Island? A: Russell Johnson
Tuesday's question was...Actress/Comedienne/Activist Caryn Johnson is better known by what name? A: Whoopi Goldberg
Wednesday's question was...Name the Johnson who was a professional wrestler turned actor? A: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Johnsonville reminds everyone to enjoy some juicy brats and grillers this grilling season. Because the best are made the Johnsonville way!!



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