Florida newlyweds Brian and Jennifer Butler had all of the details of their wedding planned perfectly, from the ceremony to the cake. The only decision they wish they could do over is choosing the maid-of-honor.

Following the ceremony, which went off without a hitch, bridesmaid Amanda Willis¬†headed straight to the bar and downed an entire bottle of Fireball whisky in under 30 minutes. Then things got really out of control. She grabbed the best man’s car keys out of his pocket and tried to steal his vehicle. The best man, who is the groom’s brother, was able to jump in and apply the emergency brake to stop her.

Guests wrestled Amanda out of the vehicle and pulled her back into the reception, which was another huge mistake. Back inside, she downed a bottle of rum and punched the best man in the head. Police arrived at the scene and placed Amanda under arrest. On her way to the police station, she banged her head against the divider in the patrol car and faked a seizure. Officers took her to the hospital, where she exposed herself and attacked two EMTs.

She’s facing a slew of charges including auto theft, battery and violation of parole. (WBBH-TV)

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