Meat's Moron: You Snooze, You Lose

A Pennsylvania man got a real wake-up call when cops roused him from a peaceful sleep to arrest him for breaking into a stranger’s home to steal a short snooze. Cat-napping cat burglar Stacy Foster was found snoring away in Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Wigged Out by Cannibals

A Florida man couldn’t stomach problems in his personal life, so he went on a rampage at his father’s house and then told cops he was freaked out because cannibals wanted to eat his intestines. McKade  Cumby started a massive Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Mail Mouse Trap

A Florida man’s plan to catch the thieves who were stealing his mail backfired. He no longer has to worry about his mail being stolen because the U.S. Postal Service will no longer deliver it. 63 year old Nicholas Dibble Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Going to Take a "Miracle" to Get Out

A Massachusetts woman recently did her best to live up to her birth name and is now sitting in jail. 31 year old Miracle Crimes of Springfield is going to need a miracle to get out of trouble. According to Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Dog Nearly Burns Down House

A Maryland man found out the hard way that you can teach an old dog new tricks when his mutt nearly burned down his house after figuring out how to light one of his e-cigarettes. The dog’s owner, whose name Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: No McNuggets for You

Police in Waco, Texas received two 911 calls simultaneously from the same McDonald’s restaurant — one from an employee complaining about a drive-thru customer who was refusing to move her car and the other from that very customer, who complained Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Kentucky Teen Needs Turtleneck

A Kentucky teenager has a lot of explaining to do after he was caught getting drunk with friends in an abandoned building, but all anyone really wants to know is: How did he get so many hickeys on his neck? Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Man Needs Tool to Release his Tool

A Chinese man recently had a bizarre day that began with getting his private parts stuck in a wrench and ended with needing a dentist, of all people, to remove it. It’s unknown how or why the 37 year old Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Tripping Teen Thinks Cop is God

An Alabama teenager got tripped up while tripping on vacation in Florida. He got naked and ran down a highway until he ran into a cop he mistook for God. The 16 year old, described as a runaway from Tuscaloosa, Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Booze Fueled Chicken Abuser

An Iowa woman must have been especially sauced when she walked into a McDonald’s with two friends, ordered a chicken sandwich and then assaulted an employee with it. The woman, who was caught on video but fled the scene with Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Arrested on Drug Charges on Facebook Live

A drug dealer in Jacksonville, Florida was so proud to show off his profits that he forgot how stupid he is  and boasted about his wads of cash on Facebook Live. His Facebook friends who were tuned in then got Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Naked Crane Technique

Commuters in Miami got to work a little late the other day but at least had an interesting excuse. A 29 year old man who was being transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation escaped from an ambulance and Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Huff & Puff....And Hit a Cop Car

A Washington man proved that you can fail a breath test even with the freshest breath after he was nabbed behind the wheel, huffing a large can of air freshener. The man, whose name was not released, was initially detained Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Mattress Rafting Gone Wrong

A 54 year old Nebraska man had to be rescued from a creek after he got drunk and decided to try whitewater rafting on an air mattress. Police say the man, who had an equally idiotic buddy with him, fell Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Insane Clown Hitchhiker

Police in California were driving along a highway when they were surprised by the appearance of a hitchhiking clown carrying a bloody machete. What may be even more surprising is that the clown wasn’t arrested and was allowed to go Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Choo Choo Goes The Love Train

A California woman really seems to have gone off the rails. She announced that she was officially “married” to a train station near her hometown. Carol Santa Fe, who lives in San Diego, says she’s been in love with the Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: The Joker IS Wild

A 29 year old Florida man was arrested for causing trouble in Miami and, looking at his mugshot, it’s easy to see who he models himself after. Lawrence Sullivan clearly has a thing for the Batman villain The Joker. He Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Michigan Woman Brings Monkey To Court

Security guards at a Michigan courthouse went bananas after an X-ray machine turned up proof that a visitor was trying to sneak a small monkey into the facility. Linda Stevenson, who’d come to the Bay County Courthouse to deal with Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Fries With A Side of Mase

An order of French fries sparked a crazy encounter at a Wendy’s drive thru in Minnesota.  25 year old Eiram Dixson placed her order at the window and asked that her fries be fresh. For some reason, employees thought Dixson Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Makin' It Great, with Pepper Spray

The manager of an Atlanta area Pizza Hut is feeling the heat after he got a little too crusty with an employee , by firing pepper spray at her during an argument over pepperoni. Police have issued a warrant for Continue reading →Read More

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