Meat's Moron: Florida Man Takes Bad Driving Advise from Wikipedia

A Florida man arrested for driving with a suspended license and not having insurance told cops he didn’t know it was illegal because Wikipedia told him he’d only get a summons. Moving forward, 22 year old Justin Miret might want to … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Drunk Florida Mom Thinks Kid was Kidnapped

29 year old Maria Irias is under arrest after she called 911 to report that her six year old daughter had been kidnapped. She told police she and her daughter were at a supermarket and accepted a stranger’s offer of a … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Parents Take 5 Year Old Out Drinking

A Florida woman just dropped a couple of notches on the list of Mother of the Year contenders  by getting drunk and puking all over one of her favorite watering holes, then forgetting she’d brought her five year old along … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Tattoo Parlor Victim of Tat & Dash

A spring breaker in Florida caused quite a stink when he failed to pay for his new ink  and then posted a photo of his stolen tattoo on Instagram. Andrew Villanueva sat for several hours to get a tribal shark … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Daughter & Mom Fight Over Big Mac

Police in Indianapolis are investigating a fight between a mother and her daughter that culminated in the daughter assaulting the mother with a cheeseburger. According to police, the family spat began at home when the mother informed her 39 year … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Makeshift Dentist Office Really a Meth Lab

A fake California dentist is in very real trouble for running a meth lab under the cover of a dental office. Police say 59 year old Joseph Hirsch ran an unlicensed dental office with everything you would find in a … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Woman American Expresses Her Way to Jail

A Florida woman was picked up on shoplifting charges after she played the wrong card  by using it to buy some cheap jewelry before swiping a bunch of pricey stuff at the same store. Rita Tanner was hauled in by … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Oregon Man Steals Street Sweeper

An Oregon man is under arrest after he stole a street sweeper and tried to make a clean getaway. Cops say Tyler Haguewood waited for the driver to exit the large vehicle, and then hopped in and drove away. Police located … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Teacher Popped for Drinking Box Wine at School

A substitute teacher in South Carolina recently taught her class a valuable lesson never bring a box of wine to work. 52 year old Judith Gartee was arrested after a school administrator called police to report that she’d been drinking … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: English Thief Caught after 153 Offenses

A British woman will spend the next 30 months in jail after being convicted of a series of thefts. Luckily for her, time in the slammer is nothing new, because she has a whopping 153 offenses to her name. 40 … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Flips Golf Cart Trying to Run Over Rooster

A Florida man was busted on charges of DUI and reckless driving  after he got behind the wheel of a golf cart and played a game of chicken  against an actual chicken! Daniel Jones was spotted driving the cart erratically near … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron (Genius): Vandal Destroys Kardashian Book

A 74 year old Connecticut man is sick and tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian, so he decided to take out his frustrations by destroying a bunch of her selfie books. Carl Puia went to a Barnes & Noble store … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Lawyers Pant Catch Fire During Arson Case

A Miami defense lawyer had to run out of a courtroom this week when his pants suddenly burst into flames. Stephen Gutierrez was defending his client, who happens to be on trial for arson, when smoke began billowing out of … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Michigan Man Claims Chicken Nuggets Sauced Him Up

A Michigan man who was pulled over for driving while a little bit too fried told cops that he’d knocked back a few too many…chicken nuggets! Jeremy Miller (Pictured) had clearly been hitting the sauce before cops subjected him to … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Naked & Playing With Extinguisher

A Florida man had his hot time doused by cops who hauled him into jail after he was found hiding in a stolen van naked and spraying a fire extinguisher at random. Officers from the Vero Beach P.D. were called … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Mailman Caught Playing with Dog

One of the most contentious relationships in history has been between dog and mailman, but one Minnesota mail carrier is accused of taking that relationship to a sick new level. 21 year old Brian Chapman is charged with burglary and … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Toot's Up Some Coke

A Florida man doesn’t mean to toot his own horn, but he does have a great name for a cocaine user. Neil Toot was arrested for cocaine possession after a brief bicycle pursuit with police. Cops say they spotted the … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Man Hang's Self Upside Down Looking For Dog

A Mississippi man really ended up barking up the wrong tree when he went into the woods to find his lost dog and ended up dangling from a branch, stark naked. Shane Treadway had been hanging upside down alongside a … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Man in Intercourse Exposes Himself

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested for doing something you might not think is illegal in a town that’s called Intercourse. Brandon Holbrook (Pictured)  was arrested for indecent exposure after he allegedly exposed himself to a woman inside the public … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Claims Robbery to Avoid Work

A Florida man ended up with more time off than he intended after calling cops to report being the victim of a robbery all because he didn’t feel like going into work. Dominique Jones (Pictured) called 911 on Monday night … Continue reading →Read More

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