Meat's Moron: The Joker IS Wild

A 29 year old Florida man was arrested for causing trouble in Miami and, looking at his mugshot, it’s easy to see who he models himself after. Lawrence Sullivan clearly has a thing for the Batman villain The Joker. He Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Michigan Woman Brings Monkey To Court

Security guards at a Michigan courthouse went bananas after an X-ray machine turned up proof that a visitor was trying to sneak a small monkey into the facility. Linda Stevenson, who’d come to the Bay County Courthouse to deal with Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Fries With A Side of Mase

An order of French fries sparked a crazy encounter at a Wendy’s drive thru in Minnesota.  25 year old Eiram Dixson placed her order at the window and asked that her fries be fresh. For some reason, employees thought Dixson Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Makin' It Great, with Pepper Spray

The manager of an Atlanta area Pizza Hut is feeling the heat after he got a little too crusty with an employee , by firing pepper spray at her during an argument over pepperoni. Police have issued a warrant for Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron(s): Couple Gives New Meaning to Drilling at Dentist

Cops in St. Petersburg, Florida were called to a dentist’s office because the patient in the chair wasn’t the only one having a cavity drilled. The dentist, who is used to performing root canals inside his office, was alerted to Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Smile, You're on Self-Love Camera

A West Virginia man is going to get spanked in court after breaking into a relative’s home and stealing a security camera, so he could spank it without being caught on tape. Tristan Tucker initially sneaked into the woman’s house so Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Popped for DUI & Pink Bra

A Florida man was arrested for drunk driving with a restricted license and plates from another car, and that’s still not the strangest thing about him. Police received a 911 call from a witness who reported seeing a Dodge Diplomat, Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Man Loves Self, Hates Portland

An Oregon man was arrested for showing his displeasure with the city of Portland by “vigorously” pleasuring himself in public. Cops say witnesses reported seeing 59 yearold Terry Lee Andreassen “masturbating vigorously” on the sidewalk outside a social services office. Officers Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed

A Pittsburgh woman was taken into custody by cops after she walked away from a bar to sleep off a bender in the bed of a perfect stranger. Allison Plusquellic had spent the evening boozing it up at the Lamp Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Flying Gummy Bears

A Florida man gave cops something to chew on after going on a crime spree that included a stop where he assaulted a perfect stranger with a barrage of gummy bears. Douglas Woods is suspected in three separate attacks over Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: New Hampshire Man Really Is A Tool

A New Hampshire man had to park his butt in a city jail after he called cops to complain about illegally parked cars — but not before he vandalized nearly two dozen of them with power tools. Yogesh Patel, 36, Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Asks to Be Arrested for DUI

A Florida man earned both a commendation from cops and a trip to jail last week when he flagged down a patrol car to report that there was a drunk on the road  and that he was the guilty party. Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Attacks Mailboxes with Machete

A Florida man got a special delivery to a county jail over the weekend after cops spotted him stark naked and hacking at mailboxes with a large machete. Yudier Sosa had knocked back a number of cocktails at a party Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Sausage Talk Leads to Fight

A Florida man is sitting behind bars after he walked in on a conversation between his girlfriend and another man about sausage. Last Wednesday, Eddie Maldonado overheard Nancy Miranda and Esteban Parra talking about sausage. The three of them work together Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron(s): Fight Breaks Out on Airplane

A Japanese ANA flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles was preparing to leave the gate when two passengers began throwing punches at each other. Passengers watched in horror and a baby can be heard screaming as flight attendants tried to Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Dead Rabbit Results in Near Death for Hospital Worker

Everyone has their own unique way of mourning the loss of a loved one, but an Iowa man dealt with his grief by getting arrested for assault. Apparently, one of the seven stages of grief for 45 year old Adam Louis Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Nuggets for Nookie???

A prostitution sting in Florida has led to the arrest of a 22 year old woman who offered an undercover cop a sex act in exchange for $25 and an order of Chicken McNuggets. Police say 22 year old Alex DiReeno Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Breaks Into House to Avoid Zombies

A Florida man who’s clearly short on brains went to great lengths to protect his brains from zombies, by breaking into a stranger’s house to avoid a herd of undead pursuers. The homeowner was startled by a noise in his Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Woman Arrested With 42 Cats in Car

A Washington State woman was arrested on animal abuse charges after a police officer found her car along with the 42 cats she was keeping inside. 58 year old Kathryn St. Clare had been wanted by police on animal abuse charges. Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man's Panty Raid

A Florida woman woke up to find that a stranger had broken into her home and left her a bunch of panties, along with a note pleading with her to share photos of herself wearing them. The victim initially called Continue reading →Read More

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