Meat's Moron: Facebook Live Failure

Police in Florida are crediting Facebook Live and Chuck E. Cheese with helping them nab an 18 year old fugitive. Markesha Wilkerson was wanted by police on a slew of outstanding warrants when she decided to broadcast herself on Facebook Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Drunk Driver & Dog

A Pittsburgh man was drunk when he crashed his SUV into a pole, and his passenger, who was also drunk, got him into even deeper trouble — because he’s a chihuahua. 44 year old Thomas Bloedel was arrested for DUI Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Likes Chicken & Vodka

A Florida burglar decided to get extra crispy after breaking into a woman’s house last week  by knocking back a few shots of her vodka before heading to the stove to fry up chicken. Ronald Wesly was in the middle Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Australian Water Cooler

An Australian druggie is in hot water after he tried to run off with a tank that could have held a whole lot of cold water by hitching a rain collection container to the back of an unregistered car and Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Best Shirt for a DUI

There’s trouble on tap for a Connecticut man who was arrested on DUI charges after totaling his car…while wearing a T-shirt reading “Hold My Beer and Watch This.” Harrison Wooton made the grave mistake of downing a number of alcoholic Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Woman Wigs Out

A Florida woman didn’t use her head when working out an identity theft scam she was busted with dozens of different wigs she’d used to impersonate her victims. Dianne Garrett was initially arrested for breaking and entering after surveillance tapes Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Youngstown Man Flings Self off Court Balcony, Dies

A Youngstown man took his own life by jumping off a courthouse balcony Monday just before his murder trial was supposed to start, officials said. Robert Seman Jr. was set to stand trial for starting house fire that took the Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Craps Laundry Machine

A Florida man is under arrest for shoving a load into a washing machine in a laundromat, because it wasn’t a load of laundry. Police say 57 year old Michael Shannon walked into Soapy’s Coin Laundromat on Saturday and defecated Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: California Woman Falls From Bridge taking Selfie

A California woman is in the hospital and very lucky to be alive after she fell off the state’s highest bridge while trying to take a selfie. Police say the woman was with friends at the Foresthill Bridge, which is about Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Teacher Taught Lesson

A 32 year old high school math teacher in Florida is under arrest after she got drunk and let a 14 year old boy drive her car because she wanted to go to Waffle House. Police say Terra Virgin consumed Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Donkey Puncher Arrested

An Illinois man is facing animal cruelty charges after he punched a donkey in the face. It’s not exactly clear what possessed 18 year old Lucas Dietrich to punch the donkey, but cops found out about it because he posted Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Guy Arrested for Trying to Awaken Tiger

A Colorado man is lucky to be alive but still in a bit of trouble after he hopped a fence at the Denver Zoo to pet a sleeping tiger. Zoo officials say 34 year old Matthew Swearingen climbed a barrier fence Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: South Dakota Man Swipes Cop Car Only to Run Out of Gas

A South Dakota man was mentally running on empty when he called cops for help after he ran out of gas and then stole the police car, which he also ran past “E.” Troy James placed a call to 911 Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Takes Bad Driving Advise from Wikipedia

A Florida man arrested for driving with a suspended license and not having insurance told cops he didn’t know it was illegal because Wikipedia told him he’d only get a summons. Moving forward, 22 year old Justin Miret might want to Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Drunk Florida Mom Thinks Kid was Kidnapped

29 year old Maria Irias is under arrest after she called 911 to report that her six year old daughter had been kidnapped. She told police she and her daughter were at a supermarket and accepted a stranger’s offer of a Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Parents Take 5 Year Old Out Drinking

A Florida woman just dropped a couple of notches on the list of Mother of the Year contenders  by getting drunk and puking all over one of her favorite watering holes, then forgetting she’d brought her five year old along Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Tattoo Parlor Victim of Tat & Dash

A spring breaker in Florida caused quite a stink when he failed to pay for his new ink  and then posted a photo of his stolen tattoo on Instagram. Andrew Villanueva sat for several hours to get a tribal shark Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Daughter & Mom Fight Over Big Mac

Police in Indianapolis are investigating a fight between a mother and her daughter that culminated in the daughter assaulting the mother with a cheeseburger. According to police, the family spat began at home when the mother informed her 39 year Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Makeshift Dentist Office Really a Meth Lab

A fake California dentist is in very real trouble for running a meth lab under the cover of a dental office. Police say 59 year old Joseph Hirsch ran an unlicensed dental office with everything you would find in a Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Woman American Expresses Her Way to Jail

A Florida woman was picked up on shoplifting charges after she played the wrong card  by using it to buy some cheap jewelry before swiping a bunch of pricey stuff at the same store. Rita Tanner was hauled in by Continue reading →Read More

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