Meat's Moron: Couple Wanted for Sexing on Motorcycle

Police in Paraguay are investigating a couple of lovebirds for doing something that doesn’t even seem possible,  having sex while on a speeding motorcycle. A video, which has since gone viral, shows a half naked couple riding on the moving … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Burglar Slips Into Victims Jammies

A Texas burglar got into a jam after he got into some jammies, that belonged to the woman whose house he’d broken into. The victim and her husband returned home from an outing and heard someone in the upstairs shower, … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Fire in the Mole

A Missouri man trying to get rid of some garden pests from his yard accidentally set fire to his neighbor’s house. The man set fire to his lawn in an attempt to burn moles out of his yard. But the … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Cops Busted for Banging On Duty

A Jupiter, Florida police chief wants to fire two veteran officers after an internal affairs investigation discovered that they were having another kind of internal affair. Sergeants Amy Walling and Jason Vansteenburgh are accused of having sex while on duty. … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Throws Puppy At Driver

Some guys think they can boost their romantic chances by throwing themselves at a woman, but a Florida man took things to a bizarre new level when he tried to pick up a gal by throwing his dog at her. … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Mom & Daughter Prostitution Ring Busted

These days, people are so busy that they’re never able to slow down and spend quality time with their loved ones. But a mother and daughter in Florida figured out a way to be together and it’s landed them in … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Son of Pedofile Coach Repeats Daddy's Actions

Jerry Sandusky’s son has been arrested for child sexual assault. Jeffrey Sandusky (Pictured) was arraigned in Pennsylvania today  after a police investigation that began in November. A child said he’d received a request from the younger Sandusky for naked photographs, and the … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Dude Shoots Wife Because She Won't Put Out

A 76 year old Florida man was angry that his wife of six months still hadn’t consummated their marriage, but now his best chance will be to consummate it during a conjugal visit. Donald Royce (Pictured) was arrested after he … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Homeless Florida Man Saved from Garbage Truck

A Tampa man is recovering in the hospital after literally getting trashed earlier this week. Police say 32-year-old Tristan Godsey was sleeping in a dumpster early Wednesday morning and woke up in the belly of a garbage truck. The driver of the … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man "Led by Jesus" Scams Billions

A Florida man accused of stealing $7 billion from “a large, nationally renowned financial institution” says he did it because Jesus wanted him to be wealthy. Police arrested John Haskew (Pictured) for allegedly setting up fraudulent wire transfers, which the … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Indiana Man Popped for Pot Cookies

A 74-year-old Indiana man, known in his church as “the cookie man,” has been charged with a couple of misdemeanors for passing around pot cookies. Parishioners at the St. John the Apostle Church say Brian Jones (Pictured) was always baking … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Robber Gets Stuck In Window

Police in England have arrested a burglar who made the big mistake of not bringing a tape measure to the home he was trying to rob. Police responded to a call reporting an attempted break-in, and they found 47-year-old Sean Crawshaw … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Columbus Mom's Plan to Find Stolen Car Backfires

An Ohio woman who reported her car stolen was afraid the police would take their time in trying to locate it, so she told them her four  year old daughter (Pictured) was inside. Jessica Pickett’s  plan got cops to use … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Woman Gets Snake Caught in Ear

Snakes can slither in and out of just about anything, but a woman’s pierced earlobe should not be one them. Why anyone would allow a pet snake to wriggle through a stretched-out ear piercing is something perhaps only Ashley Glawe … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Woman Arrested for Stabbing Boyfriend After he Declined Threesome

An Arizona woman who tried to make her boyfriend’s fantasy come true is sitting in jail after she stabbed him with a scissor for turning down her offer. Cops say Teresa Gillard (Pictured) met a woman at a local dog … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Arkansas Man Snatched for Stealing "Toys"

An Arkansas man accused of stealing a toy from a sex shop was arrested after the toy fell out of his pocket as he was being questioned by a cop. A store employee spotted 30-year-old Andrew Bell (Pictured) browsing the … Continue reading →Read More

OMG: 1,000 Musicians Cover Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

No words to say besides this freakin rocks…-Meat … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man Leaves Hat Behind at Grand Theft

A Florida crook had cops put a cap on his crime spree after tracking him down through DNA on a cap he left behind while trying to swipe a car. The overnight security guard at a used car dealership in … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Man's Pants Run Off

A Florida man was arrested earlier this week for hanging out at a car wash naked, but if he meets a judge with a sense of humor, he could get some leniency for his hilarious excuse. Cops responded to the … Continue reading →Read More

Meat's Moron: Florida Woman Smears Banana's on Cars at Trump Resort

A Florida woman will soon be a-“peel”-ing to a judge after being arrested for sneaking into Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort — and smearing several cars with mushy bananas. Kelly Ann Weidman (Pictured) started her odd assault on the property early … Continue reading →Read More

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