An Oregon man is a real jailbird after he was booked into the county jail with his beloved parrot.

38-year-old Craig Buckner showed up at the courthouse for violating a release order connected to a series of misdemeanor thefts. He thought he would simply turn himself in and then be released and sent home. So when he came to court, he brought along his pet macaw. Before walking into the courthouse, he parked the large, colorful bird on a tree branch and told it to wait for him.

But Buckner wasn’t released. The judge ordered he be taken into custody. He immediately grew worried about his parrot and told the court that the bird was in a tree. So the judge allowed Buckner, in handcuffs and shackles, to go outside with a deputy to retrieve the bird and hold onto it while he waited for a friend to pick it up. But during this time, Buckner had to pose for a fantastic mugshot, which he did with the parrot on his shoulder

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