Some guys think they can boost their romantic chances by throwing themselves at a woman, but a Florida man took things to a bizarre new level when he tried to pick up a gal by throwing his dog at her.

Howard VanSwearingen (Pictured) should have realized he was barking up the wrong tree when he tried to follow Kristina Fuller’s car after she dropped her daughter off at school last Thursday. She sped up to try to ditch him, then tried changing lanes and making U-turns, but couldn’t lose the guy. Fuller says things got really weird when she stopped at a red light and “he got out of his vehicle, came up to my window and threw his dog on me. I thought it was going to bite me or something, so I tossed the dog back at him.”

She called 911, then turned around and headed back to the school, where cops were waiting to question VanSwearingen. He first claimed he knew the woman, but, later admitted he just thought she was pretty and wanted to find a way to force her to talk to him

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