moron fri

A Florida man was arrested earlier this week for hanging out at a car wash naked, but if he meets a judge with a sense of humor, he could get some leniency for his hilarious excuse.

Cops responded to the car wash after receiving a call about a bottomless man in the parking lot. They found 52-year-old Charles Raulerson (Pictured) standing around naked and blasting music from his car. When they asked him to put pants on, Raulerson said he couldn’t because “they took off running by themselves without me.”
Doubting Raulerson’s claim that his pants could somehow run on their own, officers ordered him to sit in his car. That’s when he decided to make things worse by threatening officers with a screwdriver. He then tried to get out of the car, and officers put him down with a Taser.

Raulerson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on an officer.

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