A Florida woman just dropped a couple of notches on the list of Mother of the Year contenders ┬áby getting drunk and puking all over one of her favorite watering holes, then forgetting she’d brought her five year old along on the bender.

Deana A. Pulis and her husband David decided to tie one on at the de Bine Brewing Company just after midnight on Saturday, and they partied hard enough for Deana to pass out in her own vomit. When a bouncer tried to get the couple to leave, she refused, and her hubby picked a fight which he lost so badly that he ended up bleeding in the street in front of the joint.

One bystander reported that the couple’s daughter, who Deana denied having along on the trip, witnessed all the action, right up until her folks were carted off to jail on charges of public intoxication, assault and child endangerment. She’s now in custody of child protective services.

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