A Florida truck thief got a frosty reception from cops after she was arrested for pooping in a Wendy’s parking lot — and then dropping a second load in the cruiser on her way to the station.

Robin McKenzie was detained by an officer on routine patrol after he spotted her squatting in a Wendy’s parking lot, dropping the wrong kind of hot and juicy item in front of a pickup truck she’d been driving. After explaining that she couldn’t get into the closed restaurant and really had to go, McKenzie was given a citation and drove off — but was quickly pulled over when the deputy ran the truck’s plates and found it had been reported stolen.

As it turns out, the vehicle belonged to McKenzie’s mom, who said that it was idling in her driveway when the suspect hopped in and drove off without permission. She was cuffed and thrown in the back of the cop’s cruiser, where she dropped a second deuce on her way to the precinct.

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