moron thurs

A crook in Virginia put up a smokescreen that helped cops find him — since they were able to follow it to the bed where he’d been chilling out and smoking after a break-in.

Samuel Ciopasiu, who authorities say is homeless, was arrested on New Year’s Eve for breaking and entering and grand larceny when a neighbor went to the house to check on delivery of a package and saw activity in the residence. The neighbor smelled smoke and followed his nose to the bedroom where he found Ciopasiu stretched out, wearing the owner’s pajamas and enjoying some of his cigarettes.

The suspect tried to run, but the neighbor tackled him and held him until cops could arrive on the scene. Ciopasiu admitted to the break-in, and also confessed to swiping the delivery package containing a large package of salmon, which he scarfed down before squatting in the house.

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