One of the most contentious relationships in history has been between dog and mailman, but one Minnesota mail carrier is accused of taking that relationship to a sick new level.

21 year old Brian Chapman is charged with burglary and bestiality after after making a disturbing delivery to a dog on his route. A homeowner in a small rural town called police after he became suspicious of his mailman, who’d spent a long time inside his garage. The homeowner wasn’t home at the time, but has a security system that sends him alerts every time someone walks onto his property. He knows the mailman drops packages off in his garage but thought it was weird that he was in there for such a long time.

So after calling police, he reviewed his surveillance footage and saw Chapman drop off a package and then engage in a “sexual act with a dog, which was in the garage.” Police arrested Chapman and charged him with burglary, for entering the garage, and bestiality for entering the dog

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