noron mon

A West Virginia man is going to get hammered by cops after he stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment from his job — and then accidentally tried to sell the stuff back to his boss.

Shawn Nelson Furner was found to be in possession of the tools when he called 911 for help in getting his truck out of a ditch — at which point his trunk came open, giving officers a good look at the contents. Not long afterward, a dispatcher fielded a call from Furner’s place of employment, reporting the theft of a slew of items matching the description of the stolen goods.

The shop owner told cops he’d received an anonymous call earlier in the day from someone trying to sell some used tools, but said that once he started asking questions, the caller claimed he’d mis-dialed and hung up.

Furner, who had a key and gate passcode for the business, was booked on burglary charges the same day.

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