thurs moron

A Florida man showed a lot of guts by pulling off a string of dollar store robberies — before puking out his guts in the front seat of his getaway car, where cops found him naked and stoned.

Witnesses reported seeing Traquail Lamont Fort walk into the Dollar General, clad in black sweats and brandishing a handgun that he used to force employees to empty the store’s registers and safe into a duffel bag he was carrying. The 19-year-old fled the scene with a bag of cash, but managed to lose it while running to the Chevy Malibu, where he was found, sweaty, naked and soaked in vomit.

Fort said he’d pulled over after he got sick from taking too many Xanax pills, and denied having anything to do with the robberies, but DNA found at the scene was a match for his lost lunch.

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