A Tennessee woman showed herself to be a no-class clown by slapping on some scary makeup and stripping off most of her clothes — before drunkenly chasing cars down a busy street.

Candice Kreidel was hauled in by cops after she was spotted darting in and out of traffic wearing nothing but a stocking cap and panties, along with a full face of creepy clown makeup. The 37-year-old bozo had been taunting officers by calling 911 during her boozed-up rampage, berating and cursing them while daring them to catch her.

Deputies couldn’t get to the scene in time to catch Kreidel in the act, but they traced her cell number and went to her home, where she answered the door drinking a beer and reeking of alcohol. When asked the reason for her outburst, she informed cops that she wanted to make sure they “could do their jobs.”

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