From the Desk of the Phil Austin, GM of Childers Media Group

If you pay attention to the national media, it would be very easy to assume there is very little good left in the world.  Rest assured that the people of West Central Ohio will not allow themselves to be lumped into the huge ball of negativity that the press would like you to believe is the new normal.

As we see the heart-wrenching videos and pictures of the people who have had their lives uprooted by Hurricane Harvey, Limaland came together in full force to give the victims a little glimmer of hope.   With so many that have lost everything, Westgate Entertainment Center invited our radio stations to set up Thursday in their parking lot for a 12 hour marathon broadcast to help provide food and shelter for the victims through the American Red Cross.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing.  Just before the end of our event at 6pm, Red Cross Executive Director Derek Stemen announced that we were about $600 away from our $10,000 goal.  Through the miracle of God, and the help of some incredible people, our last minute donations took the grand total to $10,085!

And while this event was going on with 104.9 The Eagle, 93.1 The Fan, Fun 107.1, and 940 WCIT – our country powerhouse 92.1 The Frog was filling van after van with your generous non-perisible donations at the Walmart Eastgate location.  3 full size cargo vans, filled front to back, top to bottom, with your donations, as well as another $1800 in cash!

One thing I have learned, is when somebody is in desperate need of help, there is no better community to turn to than this one!  Through hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and whatever natural disaster somebody is going through, they can depend on the great people in our area to step up and help.  What a great statement about Lima and West-Central Ohio.

The need for help will continue for months to come, and I have no doubt that the great people in our community will continue to come together to lend a helping hand.  Our stations will  continue to do everything we can do to get the word out about any future events.

I am so proud to be a part of this great community, and thank you for your kind and generous donations to those who have lost everything.


God Bless!


No upcoming events


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