104.9 The Eagle Ride Of Your Life Winner

Charles Lee - Lima

A Kawasaki W800 Café valued at just over $10,000

June 16th Qualifers at Ohio Cycleworx

David Schick - Lima
Tim Landwehr - Ft Jennings
Jeremy Hensley - Lima
Charity Zimmerman - Lima
Megan Stephens - Lima

June 12th Qualifers at 696 Customs

Phil Akerman - Van Wert
Tim Meister - Lima
Steve Bechtel - Belle Center
Robert Ball - Ottawa
Paul Kraicinski - Lima

June 12th Qualifers at Slim's Pizza

Rick Cook - Lima
Kurt Wilkins - Lima
Laura Ulrick - Lima
Elisha Reineke - Bluffton
Michael Flickinger - Lima

June 5th Qualifers at Don's Custom Exhaust

Kayla Meister - Lima
Roger Lehman - Delphos
Dan Freiburger - Delphos
Cindy Ochs - Lima
Carol Jones-Bateman - Lima

June 3rd Qualifers at Gerber Insurance

John Garcia - Wapakoneta
Michael Severance - Lima
Billy Rohrer - Lima
Shannon McClure - Wapakoneta
Elijah McCord - Jackson, TN

May 27th Qualifers at Old Barn Restaurant

Matt Halker - Lima
Bryan McClurg - Lima
Jeremy Stahler - Lima
Jared Brown - Lima
Chuck Halker - Lima

May 25th Qualifers at Performance By Fisher

Steve Hilgert - Lima
Melvin Downard Jr. - Lima
David Saunders - Lima
Donna Gratz - Lima
Patty Pringle - Lima

May 18th Qualifers at Rustic Cafe

Larry Beining - Fort Jennings
Cary Alltop Sr. - Lakeview
Gregory Adkins - Fort Jennings
Christina Puckett - Lima
Matt Lewis - Delphos
Paul Friedrich - Delphos

May 15th Qualifers at Reineke Ford

Elaine Montgomery - Lima
Stephen Romero - Lima
Richard Bowe Jr. - Lima
Joe Leffler - Lima
Burt Everhart - Ada
Jackson Lemmon - Lima

May 12th Qualifers at J. Marie's

Shauna Steinke - Wapakoneta
James Courtney - Wapakoneta
Roberta Hengstler - Wapakoneta
Jennifer McDevitt - Wapakoneta
Mike Watt - Wapakoneta
Sandi Lee - Spencerville

May 7th Qualifers at The 318 Restaurant 

Samuel Kerber - Lima
Jeff Broerman- Lima
John Hullibarger - Lima
Charlie Dellehbaugh- Lima
Dennis Rennich - Lima
Andrew Fleming - Delaware

May 4th Qualifers at Ron's Vapor Station
Clayton Hadden - Waynesfield
Grant Roush - Lima
Tony Harmon - Lima
Gregg Baker- Lima
Roger Scott - Lima
Jessica McNickle - Delaware

May 1st Qualifers at Stites Grocery
Thomas Ernst - Cridersville
Charro Leffler - Wapakoneta
Cheri Davenport - Lima
Kellie Bailey - Lima
Pamela Reynolds - Lima
Millard T Green - Lima

April 27th Qualifers at Texas Roadhouse
John Keel - Lima
Chris Heaton - East Liverpool
Stephen Wilkins - Lima
Ed Sowers - Lima
Don Milligan - Lima
Linda Battels - Lima

April 24th Qualifers at Reineke Nissan
Melissa Cotterman - Lima
Frank Hartman - Lima
Roy Tordiff - Lima
Bruce Billings - Lima
Darrin Neal - Lima
Robert Meeker - Sidney

April 21st Qualifers at The Pony Keg
Dennis Foxvog - Lima
Nathan Wackler - Lima
Randy Stemen - Lima
Steven Brown - Lima
Martin Smith - Lima
Marilyn Spicer - Lima

April 17th Qualifers at Ohio Cycleworx
Justin Wilson - Elida
Darrell Martin - Wapakoneta
Vicki Predmore - Lewiston
Jim Brown - Lima
Mike Collar - Elida
Dennis Kerber - Lima
AJ Brown - Lima
Charles Lee - Lima
Matt Tucker - Lima
Suzanne Warnement - Lima 


All qualifiers will gather at Ohio Cycleworx on Saturday June 19th of Father's Day Weekend from 11am-1pm to see who wins the Ride Of Your Life!! Qualifiers & their guest will enjoy an excellent meal from Texas Roadhouse, receive a special Ride Of Your Life 2021 commemorative Eagle t-shirt, and be entertained by the incredibly talented Will Freed!!! Good Luck & thanks for rockin' with 104.9 The Eagle!


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