Rhino is a Pitbull/Mastiff mix and is a very sweet and playful puppy under 1 year old. He’d be best with a family that doesn’t have any other pets.

You can walk in for cats, but for dogs like Rhino, go to PetFinder.com and search a 2 or 4 mile radius, call 419-991-1775 & also get more info at OhioSPCA.org. The Ohio SPCA & Humane Society is at 3606 Elida Road, and the hours are Wednesday through Friday from 4PM-7PM and Saturday from 12PM-4PM.

Other needs include kitty litter,Purina dry dog & cat food, Purina wet dog & cat food, puppy food, dish washing gloves, large 55 gallon garbage bags, or you can volunteer money or your time. 

Click below to hear Bill tell us about Rhino on the Billy Elvis Show